A Reading from John Edward
Betty and I were blessed to have a reading at the John Edward Detroit Seminar in June 2001.  He spent about 15 minutes with us.  He came off the stage and was standing about three feet from us.  Our impression is that he is real and sincere in his efforts to help folks connect to loved ones that have passed.

During his seminar, Mr. Edward explains how he gets his "readings" and takes questions from many folks.  In Detroit, there were 2,200 attendees in a large banquet hall at a Hyatt Hotel facility.  John started at 2:10 and began "readings" at 3:00.  He decided not to take a break because he "felt a tremendous amount of energy in the room."  John then continued on until 4:45.

He is a ball of energy, but spoke slower than what he does on his TV program.  Although he has done all the things that others have done, he concentrates at connecting folks with loved ones that have "crossed over."  He openly admits that he gets messages through energy that he can misinterpret.

On the third reading, he pointed directly at us and said he was directed into our area.  Betty and I thought he was pointing at us!  Then he said he was with a young girl that was about one year old who had died of a problem to the heart and head.  Our hearts sank since our Jessica was 23 when she passed.  No one responded.  He then said there was surgery involved.  Still no one could claim a child in our area.  Betty's sister and her husband sat behind us.  Carol raised her hand and offered that maybe a nurse had taken care of the baby and they were connected?  John said no, not there.  Again no one responded.  Then John said there was an Elizabeth and a male figure with a "D" name.  Betty raised her hand and offered that she is an Elizabeth and I was a Dan.  John then asked "is there an important event for you in June?"  We responded yes, our 28th wedding anniversary 2 days earlier.  He then said:  "I'm with you."

He came off the stage and said "She is with a young male that died suddenly of a gun shot."  We said yes.  He then said:  "they are with some one with a name that has a hard G sound, Gary, Gus, hard G.  (My cousins son was killed when he was "looking at a rifle."  He pulled it towards him while another boy was holding it.  The gun went off and struck him under his nose and killed him.  His mother, Marcie, had a sister that died of lung cancer before the boy was born...her name is Gracie!)

Next he asked if he could embarrass us.  He said she is talking about a "boogie."  She is quite insistent.  We had no idea.  He stressed it and told us to remember that.  John then asked about an Otis.  We had no idea but he said it was a definite name.  The man across the aisle spoke and said his last name was Otis.  John then said "there is a boy, two and a half years old when he passed."  He is with their daughter.  The man said he lost his son, Evan, at that age!  John said we needed to get together and talk.  (We talked to the parents and found they had a picture that they showed us...it was of a young boy in a vertically striped shirt.  I brought out my wallet and showed a picture of my sister's boy in a vertically striped shirt with very similar colors.  Nicholas was two and a half when Jessica died!  He was the love of her life!  They would play together and when he danced she said he would say "boogie down."

Next John said "Who's George?"  The Otis family didn't know, neither did we.  He said it's definitely "George".  Betty's sister offered that her husband's uncle died a month before.  John said:  "It's him!"

Then John was describing an operation:  heart, peeling back, hair was involved, confusing stuff.  Jessica must have found it difficult to describe.  Then he said "they thought it worked, but it didn't!"  John said the case was "documented."  (Jessica's open heart surgery was termed a success except that her lungs were so badly damaged, she couldn't get enough oxygen.  They tried for five hours to help her breathe.)  (I spoke with the boy's parents, Evan was found in his bed and it was thought he died of SIDS.  An autopsy was done and it was found that he had two spots of swelling in his brain thought to be caused by a virus!  Could be the autopsy was the"documented.")

John then mentioned a dachshund dog.  (When the little boy was discovered not breathing neighbors and 911 were called.  In the panic, the neighbor slipped on the early morning dew while flagging down the EMS and got her legs run over by the truck.  She owned a dachshund!

John then mentioned "something significant happened to your daughter at age fourteen."  (Jessica was sexually molested on a school outing at age fourteen by a guy that had been doing similar things to atleast seventeen other girls over about six years.  Jessica was the only one that would come forward and testify.  He got six months in jail and five years probation.)

"There is another Elizabeth, but she didn't go by that name."  (Betty had a grandmother named Elizabeth that also was called Betty by her friends and affectionately "Grump" by Betty.)

Then John mentioned another Mom and a Dad are with Jessica.  (It was suggested, for a couple of days before, to think of whom you wanted to hear from:  I thought of Jessica, my Mom and Betty's Dad.)

John said August is significant.  Early, 8th, 10th.  (Our daughter Sarah's birthday is August 12th and my sisters birthday is the 10th, her husband's is the 3rd and Nicholas, their son, is the 17th.  All in August!)

John then said he saw a little boy running through hallways.  He was wearing bib overalls by Oshkosh.  (We are not too sure about this, could be either Nicholas or Evan.)

John saw many decorated soldiers.  (I have about 20 uncles and cousins that were in World War II that have passed.)

John mentioned May 24th as an important date.  (We can't figure that one but he said, it could be a date that is important in the future.)

In closing, John mentioned Jessica as a nurse and that she is now acting like a social worker, getting people together and helping them.  (Betty and I felt "the one year old" could have been that Jessica had passed a little over one year earlier?)

We are happy to have had this connection to Jessica and validation that she is still helping people.