You came to me, a miracle, a child born of shame,
I took you in and loved you and I gave you my name.
I never knew how short the time we had was going to be,
But thank you for the special joy and love you gave to me.

When they said that you were sick, my heart broke in two,
They said that there was nothing more that they could really do.
I prayed to God to help us and for him to make you well,
I wondered why he put us through this daily hell.

And now you've gone, I'm all alone and missing you each day,
I'll never ever understand why He took you away.
My darling child I loved you more than anything I've known,
And since you came to stay with me I know that I have grown.

Your love was there to teach me and this lesson I have learned,
Your need for me was special and was something that I yearned.
I'll never know that love again but now I know what's right,
My daughter you will always be my own Eternal Light.

In Loving Memory of