For Our Jason:

    (In green, your favorite color.)  So, it's our third Christmas without you.  We all miss very badly.  It has been such a long, hard road hon.  Opening Jason's Angel Haven DID help me.  It has brought to me some beautiful people.  Dave & Sue, who gave me the chance to open YOUR shop.  And then there are those who come in who have lost a child.  We have an instant....sad....connection.  But, I feel such love from them and hope that they get the same back from me!  And, I get to have your name on the building and I get to answer the phone,"Jason's Angel Haven."  I've learned that we, who have lost a child, our WORST fear is that our child will be forgotten.  (This way I feel you can NEVER be forgotten!  Of course, YOU know that those who loved you will NEVER forget you.  It has just taken me a bit longer to realize that.
    So, what have I learned?  I've learned to almost be able to laugh now, when I remember that woman at your funeral, (I don't know who she was.) who told me I'd be feeling better in about three WEEKS!!!  Hon, it's been almost three YEARS and I' m still waiting!  Yes, there are good days.  I have gained the ability to laugh sometimes and not feel guilty.  I get GREAT joy when I see you, not only in your son, Jason, Jr., but I can even see you in your brothers.  I have started to be able to feel you, to realize you ARE still with us.  Watching over us.  How horribly sad that your son Jared is not allowed to be a part of his brother's life & his Daddy's family's life.  One day hon.........PROMISE!!!!!
    But I had to decorate the house for Christmas.  No joy there.  And today, for the first time since you died.  I ran into one of your best childhood friends.  For some reason, it took my breath away and sent me home sobbing.  (Of course we see Chuck, your best friend & his family all the time.  But he doesn't count because he was more like your brother. We love you Chuck, Karen & precious Amber!)
    So, we will keep going on Jason.  When you died, you took a piece of my heart with you to your grave.  I thank God that He gave me many pieces in my heart.  So I can continue to give love to all who I love and to all those who love you
    My dream for you now (since there will be no exciting walk down the aisle with a beautiful, loving excitement over buying your first brand new car, all that kind of stuff.)  is that you are so very, very happy and full of joy in Heaven, my Jason.
    You are so very, very loved and missed hon.  Please be very, very happy.  We love you with all of our hearts, and miss you our very souls.

                                                                                              Love, your Family
    Jason was a gift from God.  He wasn't an Angel ;-), BUT...he WAS our Angel!  He gave us our share of teenage angst, but I did the same to my Mom, so I figured I deserved it! :-)
    When Jason was two yers old we discovered he had an autoimmunity blood disorder.  At times he ws perfectly healthy, in fact,  some people were stunned when he died, as they had never known he had an illness.  We were so very proud of him, he didn't use his illness for any special favors or attention.  When he did get sick, which was on and off during his life, he was so very brave.  He had to have many painful bone marrow tests and many other painful procedures.  We all respected him greatly for the way he dealt with his illness.  At one point, they decided that if they removed his spleen, the chance existed that he may never get sick again.  Not our Jason:  HIS SPLEEN GREW BACK!  They did remove the second spleen, but it did not prevent the illness from striking again.
    Jason has two sons, Jason Jr. and Jared, who he loved with all of his heart.  And two younger brothers, Dave and Paul, who he also loved with all of his heart.

                                     Jason Jr.  and Jared

    His passions in life included sports, (Scottie Pippin rules!!!) especially basketball and baseball.  And music.  I have never met anyone who loved his music the way Jason did!  All kinds of music.  But the song that was his very favorite during his last stay in the hospital, (from which he never returned) was a song by a Christian rock band called, "DC Talks."  The song was, "Supernatural."  The words in the song told me that he knew, in his heart, that he was going to die.  (We did not suspect he would die, the DRs had always made him well in the past)  The song talked about the miracles of Jesus, but what especially made me realize he knew he wasn't going  to make it were the words, "I can feel You coming."  He told his Dad and his Pastor that he was not afraid to die and that he was going to Heaven.  And his favorite verse in the Bible was, "Time and Chance."  What that meant to him was that we ALL have our time when we are going "home."
    Jason ws twenty five years old when he died on January 29th, 1999.  Far too young.  And....I have learned that most all of us parents who have lost a child feel the same way:  You are NOT supposed to bury your child.  It is heart breaking and heart wrenching.  It is not something anyone truly understands except another parent who has lost a child.  I now feel an instant connection when I meet a parent who lost a child.  It is a group I wish, with all of my heart, that I didn't belong too.  Yet, I'm beginning to see that I also love these parents when I meet them and I feel the love come right back at me.  I do want to thank Jason for that.
    I opened an Angel shop in Jason's memory.  Yet another thing I've learned is that those of us who have lost a child, I believe our greatest fear is that our child will be forgotten.  I'm slowly learning that that just isn't the case.
    To all of you who have lost a heart is with you.  And I wish for you peace, strength and courage.
    Jason, we all miss you with all of our hearts and souls and we hope Heaven is more beautiful then we can possibly imagine.
Our Jason

Jason was loved very much by Dave and Lynn,
They were both wonderful parents to him.
He was a sweet little boy who loved his Spaghettios,
This was gourmet food to him - little did he know.
Another thing he loved was his marshmallow treats,
When he saw a pan of them, he would eat, eat, eat.
Though she was a young mom, she raised him very well,
For anyone who knew him, this was easy to tell.
He had a great childhood filled with laughter and joy,
With his many cousins to play with, he was a happy boy.
Whenever he was sick he was always very brave,
He was cared for lovingly by Lynn and Dave.
David and Paul loved their brother with all their might,
They'd play basketball, Nintendo and, yes, occasionally fight.
Though they had their ups and downs, Dave was a great father,
They talked, played sports, and spent quality time together.
He really loved his basketball, he couldn't get enough,
He'd get out on the court and really show his stuff.
He also played baseball, which wasn't his forte,
But he was on a team with friends and he loved to play.
We cannot forget bowling - he could really throw the ball,
He bowled with us one week and impressed us all.
He was a dedicated dad to both of his young sons,
He provided for them, spent time with them and always had fun.
From the stories they will hear, and the memories they'll have,
Jared and Jason will know that they had a wonderful dad.
We all have our own memories of time spent together,
And we will treasure and cherish these good times forever.
His time here on earth was short but sweet,
When it's our time to go, we will once again meet.

            By Jason's Aunt:  Patty Rozell
In Loving Memory of
Jason N. Quick
July 19, 1973 - January 29, 1999
Our Son Has Died

Our wonderful son has died,
Lord, he was only twenty-five!
(But, he was still our baby.)
We had our ups, we had our downs,
but always love came back around.
Our hearts are so broke,
what a terrible joke.
It's killing our hearts,
Our family's ripped apart.
We feel so alone,
we're just so zoned.
He has two beautiful sons,
Sadly, their daddy's all done.
He loved his bros, Paul and Dave,
always knew he never had a fav!
Had Grandmas and Grandpas galore,
in fact, many more than four.
Aunts and Uncles, he had a lot,
the rest of his family is the tops.
His best buddy was Chuck.
Jason knew that was some luck!
He worked for Owens and Minor,
they could not have been finer!
He never carried on, complained or raved,
the man was so exceptionally brave.
He had such a very strong belief,
that's what will help with our grief.
He knew he was totally loved,
especially from way up above.
How are we going to go on?
Because we still share a special bond...
(And because he's still our baby!)

We love you and miss you, Jason. Thank you for the love you shared with us for twenty-five years,

So, my second Christmas without you is approaching.
For so long I had hoped, that once all of the "firsts"
were over it would become, oh I don't know, somehow
magically easier.  I was wrong.
When you died, a part of me died with you.
I have only begun to realize that I will never be the same person I was.
Yes, there are moments when the grief, the horror of it all, will go away.
Yes, there are moments when I actually feel happy, when I smile, laugh, even!
Yes, there are moments when someone, or something,
gives me a little piece of joy.
And, yes, finally there are moments when I am grateful
that you are at peace in Heaven, where nothing, nor nobody, will
be able to hurt you or cause you pain ever again.
Moments many more of my moments are those of wishing
for just one more hug, one more kiss, just one more smile
or laugh from you.
Even just a "Hi Mom!" Moments of teasing you and
being teased by you!  (We had fun!), of watching you being
a Daddy, a big brother, a basketball player.  So much more!
We hope that your Christmas in Heaven is blessedly
joyful, happy and wonderful.  We ALL miss you with all
with all of our hearts, Honey
You are never forgotten, Jason

                                        All my love forever,

By:  Lynn Robertson, in loving memory of her son, Jason
                                               December 2000
Despite his illness, Jason grew into a tall, handsome man, taller than mom !!!!
Jason is a fighter. He never gave up. His spirit was recognized by the
team he played baseball with from his job.  They dedicated the season
to Jason and wore an arm band with his #19. This is a memorial they
created for our Jason:

This world's a tortured place to be
So many things to torment me
And as I stumble down this road it takes a toll
These days and nights I turn to You
No human hand can pull me through
No cosmic force or magic brew will ever do

But I can see it coming
You're not so far away
'Cause I can feel Your power
Surging through the whole of me

(Chorus 1)
God is there and He is watching
He tells me all is well (it's supernatural)
God is there, there's no denying
He's supernatural (it's supernatural)

Beyong this physical terrain
There's an invisible domain
Where angels battle over souls in vast array
But down on earth is where I am
No wings to fly, no place to stand
Here on my knees I am a stranger in this land

I need an intervention
A touch of providence
It goes beyong religion
To my very circumstance

(Repeat Chorus 1)

(Chorus 2)
God is there and He is watching
The signs are everywhere (the signs are everwhere)
God is there, there's no denying
It's supernatural (it's supernatural)

In six days, the universe was made
And from the dead a man was raised
They say He walked across the waves
And I'll believe it to my grave

But I can see You coming
You're not so far away
'Cause I can feel Your power
Surging through the whole of me

[Yeah, yeah, yeah]
[God is supernatural]
[Yeah, yeah, yeah]

(repeat chorus)

[Some things just can't be explained]
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The Angel of Hope Memorial
Jason has a brick with his name inscribed here.
At Jason's favorite park, a tree was planted in his memory. It is marked with a plaque.
This is a quilt made in Jason's memory from his T-shirts. It was created with love by his aunt, Patty Rozell and her daughter Natalie.
Dave 2001 graduate
Paul 2002 graduate
Jason 1991 Graduate
Jason Jr and Jared
Jason's sons were getting ready for Christmas 1998 with their dad. Sadly, Jason never came out of the hospital that year, so there are no more Cristmases with their daddy.
Aunt Patty &
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