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Post Card sent in the fall of 1992, we moved to
Georgia in August of that year.
The cut out pictures in the above albums are from Jessica's Creative Memories Album she made for Sarah.

My Jessie....
If Jessica was here to say goodbye one last time to each of you:
I believe this is what she would say:
Although I'm gone from you to see,
look in the sky in Heaven I'll be.
I'll watch you from through the stars,
I want you to know I'm not that far.
Remember the memories that we share,
Cherish them, they seem so rare
I know you miss me and your love is true
Always remember, I love you too!!!
Here in Heaven we are one team,
I'll be waiting for you,
but now...
I'll be in your dreams.
I am watching over you
Watching from a star.
A world where Angels are.
So look up to the sky,
When you are barely getting by
And I will carry you
and all your problems too.
So put a smile on your face
for I will always watch over you
In every way and everywhere
I will always be there.
When I look back on all the memories
Jessica and I have made together;
the thing that stands out the most
was that she was always smiling.
I remember 7 years ago when I got
back surgery.  It was the worst physical
pain I have ever felt in my life.
I remember Jessica came everyday to visit
and it didn't matter how much pain I was in,
her smile always seemed to ease the pain.
She was constantly there with me thinking
of the silliest ways to make me smile.
She stayed with me until I fell asleep each
night and came back each day with the same
smile that eased my pain the day before.  She
was always doing things to make other peoples'
lives happier.  She was a genuine kind-hearted
person who strived each day to be the best person
she could be and to give back to others what she
had been blessed with.  Jessica was a giving person;
the kind of person that expected nothing in return
but only wished she could do more to brighten your
day.  It didn't matter who you were or what you had.
Jessica looked beyond that to find a persons true self.
I can't thank God enough for the privilege of having
Jessica not only as a sister but also as a best friend,
and I know many of you feel the same way.  Jessica
was a shy person, but as you all know, once you got
to know her, you knew in your heart that you had
a friend for life.  And even though she's no longer
here in a physical sense; she will always be looking
down on us from her new home in the sky.
There were so many things left unsaid and now
I am faced with the reality that I will never be
able to tell her face to face how much she
meant to me.  But, if I had the chance to talk
to her one last time:
I would tell you that I love you more than I could
have ever expressed.  I would tell you that I have
always admired you for the strength you
possessed in following your dream of becoming
a nurse.  I would tell you, Jessie, thank you
for always watching out for me and protecting
me from the pain of life's challenges.  But most
of all, I would tell you thank you for being the
best sister a person could ask for.  I found a poem
that expresses the way I feel now that you're not here.
"You're wih me when I'm fast asleep
You know every secret I keep
You're here when I'm awake
You're there when I make a mistake
You're the guardian who stands
noble on my shoulder
You wrap me in your love
when the world gets colder
I try to be strong and not cry
So, I look up at the clouds
and see your smile
Then I know I can go
on that extra mile.
I look up at the stars in the dark night sky
And wonder are you looking at these same stars?
Oh how I long to be with you, lying in your arms
Never before did I think I could miss someone so much.
I didn't realize what you meant to me until you were gone.
This week I learned how miserable my life would be without you.
Are you thinking about me while away having fun?
I haven't stopped thinking about you for a single second
I can't wait for the day when I see you again.
But until that day I'll have to continue missing you.
I cried to God when you died asked him why.
I needed you with me
How could this situation be?
You left me with something special though.
A memory etched in my mind of you and I happy
Or your heart so kind.
As long as you're happy,
That's all I'll ever need.
When I go to Heaven,
Please be there waiting for me.

I Love You, Jessie!
My Eulogy to Jessica April 5, 2000
This page was last updated on: May 2, 2013
Sarah's goodbye to Jessica, placed on the newly seeded grave site 4/10/00.
Jessica and Sarah made a great team. They helped each other with things the other was not the best at to
accomplish their goals.