In Memory of Jessica Lyn Bryl
January 19.1977 - April 3, 2000
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Sweet Sixteen
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Forever Twenty Three

Our Jessica has left for a while,
Oh how we miss her laugh and smile!
Born on January 19th...............1977,
Now celebrating birthdays in Heaven.
God........we long to see her again,
Someday.....just don't know when!
Twenty three years of candles and fun,
Memories thought of one by one.
Each day she's thought of with love,
A tear, a prayer, a look up above.
Our baby, our daughter, held so dear
Gone now for almost a year!!!!
Her day of birth is soon to come,
We must rejoice and not be numb.
Jessica wants us to remember her day,
Celebrating with us in a heavenly way.
Jessica's 20th Birthday in 1997.
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